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”We support the French-American School of New York's new campus and Greens to Green Conservancy in White Plains!”

"As Director of the Center for Environmental Policy at Bard College, I have had the opportunity to review the proposed plan by the French-American School of NY. Green space is important for vibrant communities. The FASNY plan will make White Plains a better place to live and work." - Eban Goodstein, Director, Bard Center for Environmental Policy

“I certainly support FASNY efforts at establishing this wonderful private education facility. I am also looking forward to utilizing all the Green Space that they are offering the residents of WP. It is also important to note they will be handling their own Highway and Sanitation functions privately, which will be less of a burden on the WP Tax Payers. Their land trust is private and this will also be less of a maintenance and insurance burden on all our Taxpayers as well.” - M.M. White Plains Resident

“It is a valuable addition to the educational diversity available here in the City. I have been a tax-paying citizen and a supporter of our public schools for many years. However, I believe that the location of the French-American School here creates an opportunity for many new homebuyers to consider White Plains home ownership because of the high quality mix of private, parochial and public school choices. These institutions compliment one another and offer our citizens a range of choices right here. Over the years, the City has developed an urban housing mix and offers a wide range of housing choices for all income levels. Therefore I see the French-American School as an important investment in the future of White Plains, as it will attract new home buyers looking for private school choices.” - S.H. White Plains Resident

“It is all in the details, but I believe this is an opportunity for beautiful open space in White Plains. There is a very limited amount of open space left in WP for recreation and enjoying nature. Let's keep one of the last large parcels of land left from being built on, and keep it for all to enjoy. If the school is a trade-off for 78 acres of open space then I think it is worthwhile trade.” - C.L. White Plains Resident

“FASNY will complement the other great learning institutions of White Plains ensuring the growth and perception of our city as progressive and open to other cultures. The proposals from FASNY on land use strike the best practical balance between education and environmental conservancy. In the long run having a destination school will help White Plains real estate, tax revenue and quality of life more than a golf course or more new housing.” - R.P. White Plains Resident

“I love that the French American School is relocating to White Plains! That makes us lucky -- the cultural and economic benefits will be noticeable and all the fuss will die away. I have confidence that our excellent traffic-control planners will efficiently address the additional traffic on Ridgeway. Bienvenue to the French American School!” - J.W. White Plains Resident

“I would much rather see a school and green space on the property than a large housing sub-division that will create noise, construction traffic and disruption for the 7 - 10 years it would take to build. Also I understand it could take 5 -7 years for a housing development to be approved and I would prefer that the property not be vacant for that long.” - E.G. White Plains Resident

“It's great for home prices.” - S.R. White Plains Resident

“Looks like a wonderful plan with open space for all residents to use---better than more residential houses!!” - J.G. White Plains Resident

“The French school and all the parkland that it will conserve are a welcome addition and asset to all the citizens of White Plains and Westchester County.” - L.W. White Plains Resident

“This proposal is an excellent plan to use green space well.” - J.M. White Plains Resident

“FASNY's purchase of the former golf club secures open space in the community while adding to our city's education resources. It is smart use of the property and adds to White Plains profile as a hub for corporate and international business.” - K.H. White Plains Resident

“Great initiative. Habitat restoration and introduction of a educational opportunities, as well as cultural melting pot.” - A.R. White Plains Resident

“Green spaces!” - P.G. White Plains Resident

“I believe the park that FASNY intends to create and maintain will be of great benefit to the City.” - R.T. White Plains Resident

“I fully support this wonderful proposal.” - P.B. White Plains Resident

“I live next to the FASNY property on the pond and wholeheartedly support the conversion of the golf course land into a Conservancy. This allows the surrounding neighborhood to continue to enjoy the open space as we always have while providing more green space to cultivate native plants and providing continuous area for Westchester wildlife.” - S.H. White Plains Resident

“I support FASNY in White Plains because I have worked at FASNY at the Upper School for six years and it is a great school to work for. As a White Plains resident, I support FASNY Greens to Green Conservancy, which will be accessible to all the residents of White Plains and I look forward to taking advantage of the walking & jogging trails and what the Preserve will have to offer.” - White Plains Resident

“I support FASNY school and plan for the former Ridgeway CC property, as an excellent and worthy addition to education and land use in White Plains. I was able to benefit from Our Lady of Sorrows school, which is located nearby, while growing up and welcome the same opportunity for FAS students.” - S.M. White Plains Resident

“I think the school will be a great addition to our community.” - D.B. White Plains Resident

“The school would be a great addition to the White Plains community.” - A.M. White Plains Resident

“We look forward to welcoming FASNY to White Plains!” - E.P. White Plains Resident

“What can be better for a multi-cultural city than a school that adds a different cultural perspective. Additionally, this particular school's commitment to environmentally sound practices leaving parks and other nature activities for the community at their expense seems to me to make it a "no-brainer." Welcome to the FASNY!” - A.K. White Plains Resident

“I feel that turning this property into a nature conservancy would be a great asset to White Plains.” - R.W. works in White Plains

"The French-American School in White Plains will be a wonderful educational, economic, cultural, and environmental asset for the City of White Plains and it's residents. FASNY's proposal for their school campus and the Greens to Green Conservancy is in my opinion the best use for this land. There are 32 private and public golf courses in a 10-mile radius of Ridgeway. We do not need more golf courses. In fact, there is one right across the street. The golf industry is in secular decline and there will likely be more golf courses failing in the future. We also do not need a large subdivision of houses. The Conservancy will open up public access to 2/3rds of this land and restore habitats. This land has had decades of manmade intervention in order to maintain golf course greens and fairways. It is time to have natural diverse habitats and a real "Green" environment. While the former Ridgeway Country Club was classified as "open space" it was not publicly accessible open space. It was a private members-only Country Club. White Plains residents could now enjoy this great public resource - which the City does not have to acquire or maintain. FASNY's campus and Conservancy will be great additions to White Plains." - J.B. does business in White Plains

“As a proponent for FASNY and the new campus and conservancy, I encourage Mr. Mayor and the honorable councilors to vote in favor of the project. I truly believe that the FASNY project will bring many benefits to the community- cultural, educational and environmental. It will be a great addition to White Plains, a city which prides itself for its schools of excellence.” - R.N. does business in White Plains

“Believe that it will enhance the value of the community. Look at the schools located in the Riverdale/Fieldston area of the Bronx.” - B.M. does business in White Plains

“Conversion of a substantial part of the Ridgeway Club grounds from an environmentally unfriendly, socially exclusive, private golf club to a conservancy area such as planned brings environmental, recreational and educational improvements. These benefits will be widely shared among current and future members of White Plains and Shore communities, and far outweigh the loss of a golf club view for a couple dozen home owners or changes to traffic patterns from additional school runs in the Gedney area. The Gedney neighborhood will also discover that a conservancy park can enhance the social bonds within their community, like no golf club ever could.” - C.B. does business in White Plains

“FASNY's plan seems to me to be the best use for this space. The former private Country Club will for the first time be open for access to the people of White Plains on FASNY's Conservancy.” - M.B. does business in White Plains

“I am a former Westchester resident and my wife and I are frequently in White Plains to shop, dine and play golf (at a nearby club). White Plains needs parkland and the addition of an 78 acre park and prestigious private school will add prestige, aesthetic and recreational value, and economic benefit to the city and the immediate area. The Fieldston area of Riverdale owes much of its desirability to the presence of three private schools in campus settings which have added much value to surrounding properties.” - S.R. does business in White Plains

"I fully support a project that will bring a school of excellent reputation to White Plains, as well as business in form of a considerable number of affluent families living, shopping and taking care of White Plain's environment. We are looking for a house to buy in White Plains, near the future school. We are Europeans and we want to remain close to that community, even if our children will have already graduated by the time FASNY opens in White Plains." - V.F. does business in White Plains

“I support FAS Greens to Green Conservancy. As the former Chairman of the Planning Board of a neighboring town, this is an excellent use of the property and gives all parties what they need.” - does business in White Plains

“I truly believe that having FASNY in White Plains will be a benefit to the city.” - J.L. does business in White Plains

“I would love to be able to take a stroll on the grounds of FASNY once I am done shopping and dining in White Plains, on my way back to Dobbs Ferry. Now, I often have to go all the way to Pepsico Garden instead.” - J.R. does business in White Plains

“Natural open space increases the value of a neighborhood - and this neighborhood will remain (and increase) in desirability. FASNY is a wonderful school and the parents are very supportive of our school. I believe there are many benefits of FASNY in White Plains and the school will do its best to mitigate any potential negative impacts.” - D.B. does business in White Plains

“The proposed Conservancy will turn an unused ecologically damaging golf course into a 80 acre natural reserve, with walking paths and a gradual restoration of the land to a habitat that will provide support for birds, wildlife and native trees. The property will be given to the city for free and maintained by donated funds, not city taxes.” - E.S. does business in White Plains

“This project will be a wonderful addition to White Plains. The school community will encourage commerce in the area, while the Conservancy will help to return an attractive but ecologically damaging unused golf course into a thriving, natural habitat that will benefit residents and the environment.” - E.D. does business in White Plains

“This project would be good for White Plains business, ecology, property values, public amenities and culture and therefore deserves the full support of all stakeholders.” - M.F. does business in White Plains

“FASNY is a great, life-changing school that I'm sure will only have the most positive of impacts on our community.” - O.D. supports FASNY in White Plains

“The approval of FASNY would be a major benefit for the City of White Plains. The park lands which will be left will add much need green space for the Gedney area.” - C.M. supports FASNY in White Plains

“This is going to be very close to our house and we think it is a great investment done in this are to convert a non-used area into an amazing environment for the whole community to enjoy. No other private school offers this gift to the community and I think everyone should be thankful of it.” - S.S. supports FASNY in White Plains

“I believe this is the right thing for my city and support it fully. A gift of this kind is unheard of.” – C.C. White Plains Resident

“I attended the meeting at Ridgeway earlier today. I was relieved to hear that the conservancy is to be deeded "in perpetuity" and for that reason I support the proposal. I was also glad to learn that there will be turning lanes into the school to help with increased traffic.” – L.R. White Plains Resident

“It would be a shame for White Plains to miss this opportunity for a green conservancy. Having another quality school in this community only adds to our reputation as a city that values education, both public and private. It's time to make this happen.” – S.R. White Plains Resident

“This will be a wonderful opportunity for the community to gain access to outdoor space and educational facilities (at low or no cost).” – P.B. does business in White Plains

“Please reach out to entire community, as most will support.” – A.G. White Plains Resident

“I attended today's information session and was very impressed with the plan that was described. I am very happy that most of the land will be used for the benefit of the WP community as a whole. I think that it is a wonderful idea to have a nature conservancy and I am throwing my support in favor of this plan.” – R.S. White Plains Resident

“You may wish to gather statistics on the negative environmental impacts of dog feces because the neighbors are probably going to push for dog walking rights on this plot. Good luck. We are really looking forward to the Conservancy! Thank you for persevering!” – B.G. White Plains Resident

“The new school will be a great asset to the city of White Plains.” – J.W. White Plains Resident

“Great school + Green space = Huge win for the people of White Plains” – D.P. does business in White Plains

“Once in a lifetime opportunity for the City of White Plains” – S.L. White Plains Resident

“What idea could possibly be a better use of the space available?” – R.G. White Plains Resident

“I think it will be great for White Plains if FASNY moves to White Plains and creates an open space conservancy. I fully support their project.” – D.K. White Plains Resident

“A good thing that will benefit the entire community and all of White Plains.” – D.M. White Plains Resident

“I believe the school will be an asset to the community.” – R.F. White Plains Resident