The Greens to Green Conservancy will restore and manage overlapping diverse bio-habitats and native plants. The Conservancy will provide many environmental opportunities, such as:

  • Red maple hardwood swamp
  • Grassland/wildflower meadow
  • Shallow emergent marsh
  • Successional shrubland (transitional area between the forest and open field)
  • New York State designated wetland
  • Natural streams and water courses

Click here to view Overlapping Bio-Habitats (pdf)

Due to its long history as a golf course, the project site represents a heavily human-modified system that has been shaped by selected plantings, irrigation, pesticide and fertilizer use, and intensive mowing and other manicuring practices. As such, native plant and wildlife diversity is generally low, and species supported by the developed portions of the project site are largely limited to generalists that are tolerant of simplified and degraded habitat conditions.

The discontinued use of the Ridgeway Country Club property as a golf course presents a unique opportunity to restore the land in several ecologically valuable community types, including native wildflower meadows, grasslands, and shrub habitats that are capable of supporting numerous additional native, and locally significant, wildlife species. Such habitats are becoming rare in Westchester County and regionally. The Conservancy would contain breeding habitat for numerous additional bird species, including species that are more sensitive to disturbance and habitat degradation, and species that are associated with grasslands and early successional habitats. Overall, conditions for breeding, wintering, and migrating birds in the area of the Conservancy would be significantly improved in the future.

All technical documents related to the School's application are currently being reviewed by the City in accordance with the environmental review process under SEQRA.