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10/23/12 - The White Plains Examiner
"FASNY Hearing Extended to October 30"

10/18/12 - White Plains Patch
"Supporters, Neighbors, Clash Over FASNY Traffic Impact"

10/17/12 - White Plains Daily Voice
"Hundreds Debate FASNY at White Plains Public Hearing"

10/17/12 - The Journal News
"French-American School hearing tonight in White Plains"

10/14/12 - The Journal News Op-Ed
"Community View: FASNY offers best use of Ridgeway property"

09/26/12 - White Plains Patch
"Public Invited to Tour Proposed FASNY Conservancy"

09/19/12 - The Journal News
"Hearing held in White Plains on French-American School's permit application"

09/19/12 - White Plains Patch
"Hundreds Debate FASNY Proposal at City Hall"

09/19/12 - White Plains Daily Voice
"Hundreds Turn Out for FASNY Public Hearing in White Plains"

09/19/12 - White Plains CitizeNetReporter
"FASNY Announces Unprecedented Neighborhood Support"

09/18/12 - The White Plains Examiner
"Regional Green Groups Stand By FASNY"

09/18/12 - Westchester Business Journal
"Environmentalists back school's 'greens to green' plan"

09/14/12 - The Journal News Op-Ed
"Community View: French-American School makes a good neighbor, good steward"
The writer, Louis Bruno, is president of Bryant Gardens, a 409-family, 22-acre co-op adjacent to the FASNY property, a member of the Mayor’s Sustainability Committee and a past president of the White Plains Council of Neighborhood Associations.

09/14/12 - White Plains Week Cable TV program (edited)

09/14/12 - White Plains Patch
"Environment Groups Back FASNY Proposal"

09/14/12 - Newsday
"Westchester environmental groups endorse FASNY's Ridgeway plans"

09/13/12 - The Journal News
"French-American School plan wins backing from environmental, open space advocates as White Plains weighs rezoning"

09/13/12 - News 12 Westchester
"Environmental groups back French school in White Plains"

09/13/12 - White Plains CitizeNetReporter
"16 Environmentalists Endorse FASNY Conservancy and School Complex as Best Use"

09/10/12 - The Journal News
"White Plains debates open-space zoning that would hit French-American School"

09/09/12 - The White Plains Examiner
"FASNY Says Open Space Recreation District Is Too Restrictive"

09/07/12 - White Plains Week Cable TV program (edited)

08/10/12 - White Plains Week Cable TV program
FASNY DEIS Public Hearing scheduled for Wednesday, September 19th

07/27/12 - White Plains Week Cable TV program (edited)

07/17/12 - The White Plains Examiner
"Battle Heats Up Over FASNY in White Plains"

07/09/12 - PRLOG
"FASNY Retains Teatown Lake Reservation as Environmental Consultant for Planned Open Space Conservancy"

06/12/12 – The White Plains Examiner
"FASNY Open House Attracts Visitors, Traffic Plan Proposed"

06/05/12 – The White Plains Examiner
"FASNY Pushes for Community Support"

04/26/12 – The New York Times
"Golf: Pros and Cons of Proximity"

03/08/12 - The Journal News
"FASNY plans 80 acres of open space at Ridgeway"

11/22/11 - The White Plains Examiner
"League of Women Voters Holds Debate on FASNY"

09/27/11 - The Journal News WP
"Preserve hyped in school plans"

07/29/11 - The Journal News WP
"Ridgeway upkeep irks neighbors"

05/24/11 - The Journal News
"French School applies to build $60M campus"

01/20/11 - PRLOG
"FASNY Completes Purchase of Ridgeway Country Club in White Plains"