Would you like 78 new acres of open space conservancy
and another top-notch school in White Plains?

Dear Friends and neighbors:

Welcome to the Greens to Green Conservancy at FASNY White Plains. We are pleased to provide you the latest information about this exceptional open space preservation and educational opportunity in the heart of White Plains. The Greens to Green Conservancy is an integral part of the overall plan to create a unified campus for the French-American School of New York (FASNY) on the site of the 131-acre former Ridgeway Country Club. A permanent conservation easement will be placed on the publicly accessible 78-acre natural open space. FASNY will own, maintain, secure, and oversee the Conservancy.

The Conservancy can aptly be characterized as an "undevelopment" project. FASNY’s approach is to take what for nearly a century had been a highly managed and manipulated landscape – the golf course and private country club – and return it to a more natural environmental state. Native plants and grasses will be nurtured, meadows will replace fairways and wet areas will take on their natural character. Birds will gain a habitat in which they will thrive.

An education program is being developed that will let the Conservancy function as an open-air classroom and educational resource. The immediate neighborhood will for the first time be able to have direct access to this beautiful property and local area residents can walk the network of trails that will meander through the Conservancy.

The Conservancy will be neither a park nor a nature center. Rather, it will be a place for passive activities such as walking and bird watching, as well serving as an outdoor classroom. A professional land steward with appropriate staff will manage the Conservancy’s day-to-day operations. The property will be carefully monitored to assure a safe and secure environment is maintained for all neighbors, including FASNY.

Please browse through the website for detailed information about the strategic planning for this major new asset and amenity for White Plains. We will update the website with additional information as the programmatic planning for this unique new environment progresses.

In order for the Greens to Green Conservancy and the French-American School’s new school campus to be realized, the Common Council must vote to approve it. To let them hear your voice, please Sign our Online Petition Now. It only takes a moment.